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Blue Goo is a hybrid strain, which is famous for its smell and effects. It is a result of crossing a popular hybrid strain Blue Dream and an Indica strain Afgoo.

This cannabis contains an average THC level, ranging between 18-22, which is a rather potent index. The high it provides is pretty mellow, but the effects can be rather powerful at the same time. Therefore, it is not the most suitable option for beginners. It is possible to use this weed whenever one wants, either in the daytime or nighttime.

The buds provide a remarkable, sweet blueberry scent, with piney notes. On the other hand, the smoke leaves a pleasant woody taste, with fruity and earthy hints on the tongue. Also, many people report the presence of diesel bits in both flavor and fragrance.

Blue Goo(Oz) -Hybrid(AA)(THC 20-24%)

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