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Endless Sky is an Indica strain made by Greenthumb Seeds. They crossed Grenadine with the Iranian landrace to create fairly potent marijuana with an appealing taste and effects for experienced smokers.

The name of the Endless Sky already hints that this Indica is magical and capable of bringing unearthly pleasure, plunging into euphoria and dreaminess. This cannabis improves mood by helping you to forget about stress and life anxieties. Some users report improved sleep, appetite, and some pain-relieving effects.

This weed with its high potency of around 26% THC and effects is better for late evening consumption.

Endless Sky is pretty potent marijuana for novices, so they need to be careful with it.

Endless Sky -Indica(AAA)(THC 24-28%)

C$7.00 Regular Price
C$6.00Sale Price
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