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MAC Stomper is an indica dominant hybrid strain (70% indica/30% sativa) created through crossing the potent MAC X Grape Stomper strains. If you're looking for something amazing in the flavor department to help you get to sleep at night, look no further than this gorgeous gal. MAC Stomper packs everything you've been dreaming of and so much more into each and every sparkling little nugget. In terms of flavor, MAC Stomper packs a unique, mouthwatering taste that's filled with a bouquet of fresh fruity berries, spicy grapes and a touch of sour, lemony citrus that tingles on the tongue. On the aromatic side, the scent of MAC Stomper is much spicier and more floral, filled with rich grape wine and a touch of earthiness. The MAC Stomper high will settle in slowly, working its way into both mind and body before fully taking hold. You'll suddenly find your mind boosted, filled with a sense of happiness that is a bit stoney and pleasantly weighty. Your body will soon fall into a state of pure calm and relaxation that has you pretty locked down and ready to get to sleep.

MAC Stomper(Oz) -Indica Dom(AA+)(THC 20-24%)

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